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VBW Engineering Symposium in Almaty (Kazakhstan)

In recent times, the development of VBW Engineering has been particularly intense both in terms of quantity and in terms of the range of equipment produced. Over the course of several years, several new types of air handling units (AHU's) have been introduced into production. Through the efforts of staff R&D department designs the already existing types of AHU's are constantly being improved. This, along with other news is the theme of the symposia this year. One of such events took place on May 29, 2019 in Almaty (Kazakhstan).

The symposium, which brought together experts from leading design and construction enterprises in the region, was dedicated specifically to new technological developments that enable VBW Engineering to produce high-quality "custom-made" equipment. Also within the program, new developments in the field of swimming pool execution air handling units, new design of the construction of the roof units, new standards concerning the production of gas heaters were highlighted.

We want to thank all our guests for their interest and look forward to new meetings.