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Report on the participation of VBW Engineering in trade fair ISH 2019

Only three devices were presented at the spectacular, original stand, however each of them was a set of the most interesting offer solutions of the company.

Interesting was the OKEANOS air handling units in swimming pool execution, equipped with a heat pump, significantly increasing the heat recovery coefficient and allowing air to dry in periods when 100% of the air supply does not provide the required air humidity. An additional advantage of using a heat pump in a swimming pool AHU is the possibility of recovering heat from the extract air and transferring it to heat the pool water. Plug fans have got blades made according bionic technology Zabluefin - undulating, extremely efficient and super quiet. Based on the structure of humpback whales, covering huge distances in the oceans, a fan was designed, which can be used with different pressure requirements.

In turn, a new type of VBW Engineering dehumidifier attracted visitors' eyes with the original look and technology used. This innovative project involves the use of additional heat recovery recuperator in the regeneration air line. This significantly reduces the power consumption of the entire device. The CK adsorptive dehumidifiers belonging to the series of BO air handling units are used in ventilation systems, where one of the main processing parameters is to maintain a low level of humidity.

The most interesting object of the stand was the air handling unit, which in itself was a specific set of possibilities for special solutions of our company such as:

- air intake chamber in acoustic execution,

- carbon filter,

- high-efficiency heat recovery system (up to 93% efficiency),

- sections of the air-conditioning unit for treatment of high-temperature air (up to 100 C),

- section of the air handling unit in hygienic execution, certified by TÜV Rheinland for compliance with DIN 1946-4, PN-EN13053, PN-EN 1886;

- Pre-cooling system, which allows you to achieve cost savings of up to 40% and a quick return on investment due to energy savings (1-2 years);

- section of the air handling unit in explosion-proof,  that allows such installations to be used in an area prone to gas explosion or explosion of flammable liquids of groups IIA and IIB and temperature classes T1, T2, T3 and T4.

Summing up the participation of VBW Engineering in the ISH2019 exhibition in Frankfurt am Main, we can safely say that our AHUs successfully compete with products of world leaders in the ventilation and air conditioning industry. Since we represent equipment that meets the highest requirements, including those associated with complex air treatment, operational safety and aesthetic performance, this is a product for the most demanding.


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