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New markets of VBW Engineering equipment customers

The group of customers buying VBW Engineering air handling units has been growing not just year to year but month to month. Ubiquitous globalisation facilitates the presentation and quick delivery of the company products to most countries in the world. Recently our devices were sent to Georgia, USA, where our air handling units will be responsible for chemical filtration in production facilities. Selected air-handling units mark the beginning of our cooperation on the American market, where the quality of VBW Engineering devices has been highly appreciated and our offering was selected following long-lasting research on the European Union market and business discussions with the majority of local producers in the air-conditioning and ventilation sector. Our customer was looking for a manufacturer of air-handling units which are able to resist harmful conditions during continuous operation in the climate typical of the south of USA, with high temperatures and high humidity. After considering all the requirements of the facility, our construction designers developed a design of relevant devices that – as the direct customer informed us – were tailor-made for their facility and perfectly fulfilled their role in chemical filtration.

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