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On 22 June 2018, in Warsaw, there took place the Great Gala for POLISH ENTREPRENEURSHIP, during which the winners of the "Eagles of Polish Entrepreneurship" project were presented with their awards. Patronage for this nationwide project is held by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction. We are pleased to announce that the honourable title of Meritorious for Polish Entrepreneurship has been awarded to VBW Engineering.

This prestigious project rewards exceptional achievements by Polish entrepreneurs who not only create permanent business structures for their companies, but also exert a positive influence on the economic development of given regions of the country and form a model and inspiration for other company owners. The award is a synonym of success with a positive image potential, naturally facilitating the company's own operations.

The organizer of the Great Gala, which saw the presentation of the Eagles of Entrepreneurship statuettes, was the Polish Federation of Entrepreneurs and Employers - Przedsię, the Mazovian Association of Trade in Industry and Services and the National Institute for the Development of Entrepreneurship.

The ceremony was opened by Robert Składowski - President of the Federation of, who in his speech congratulated the award winners on their professional achievements, emphasizing the importance of mutual cooperation between three environments: entrepreneurs, local government and the scientific community for social and economic development.

The winners were also congratulated by Janusz Piechociński, Minister of Economy in 2012-2015 and currently President of the Poland-Asia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Jacek Męcina, representing the Lewiatan Confederation of Polish Employers.zasl statuetka 2018
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