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Brovafarma - new plant to use VBW Engineering stations

«Brovafarma» is one of the leading Ukrainian manufacturers of products for animals. Present on the market since 1992, the company has gained a reputation as a reliable supplier of the highest-quality veterinary products. The company's portfolio includes almost 130 different and original preparations: anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial products, vitamins and minerals, as well as disinfectants. The company has the capacity to produce preparations in full compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice.

Recently, it has launched a new 3,000 m2 production and warehousing facility, fully fitted out by the world's leading producers, including the air conditioning stations manufactured by VBW Engineering. As production is expanded and modernised, the demand grows for highly efficient and failure-free ventilation systems. This is why within the past four years we have made four deliveries of BS section stations and SPS suspended stations, of a total air flow capacity of 60,000 m3/h.

We are happy to see the constant development of the company, and are ready to participate in further interesting projects.browarfarm1