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Odderøya Renseanlegg, VBW Engineering’s latest project in Norway

The island of Odderøya lies near Kristiansand, in the Norwegian region of West-Agder. The mountainous terrain has been put to use in a unique way, with the most advanced wastewater treatment station in Europe being built inside a mountain, 17 to 25 metres below the ground. This included carving solid rock to allow the installation of air conditioning stations made by VBW Engineering. Owing to their high performance, effective recuperation systems and special steel, resistant to the high salinity air and airborne chemical compounds usual for such facilities, our stations fit perfectly in this atypical and modern setting. Carved into stone, this wastewater treatment station in Norway was quite an experience, but just another set of difficult conditions, stringent norms and innovative solutions that have become standard for our stations.

odderoya 1