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New product in VBW Engineering offer: MHR module

   The MHR (Multi Heat Recovery) module is designed to meet the need for high-efficiency, approx. 90%, heat recovery. The use of a single counterflow heat exchanger is often either insufficient or too expensive; in these cases the MHR module is the right solution. High efficiency and air capacity is achieved through the modular structure of recovery, which is based on a large number of counterflow heat exchangers enclosed within a single system. The incoming streams of air (supply, exhaust) are distributed between respective heat exchangers.

   The MHR solution provides significant savings in the maintenance of facilities, especially during winter. With good energy recovery results, MHR is considered a very ecological technology. It leads to a considerable decrease in energy consumption while maintaining optimal ventilation, which ensures a healthy environment in apartments, workplaces and production facilities. To further eliminate heat loss from the device, its housing can be made using profiles that reduce thermal bridges, so as to obtain class TB1(M). The bridge-less profile generates an increased insulation of up to 63 mm, so that the housing achieves a heat transfer coefficient of class T1 (M).

mhr 2017


- single/multi-family buildings,

- offices,

- small business buildings,

- public buildings,

- offices, schools,

-service buildings: fitness clubs, cafés.


- the lack of moving parts significantly increases the service life of the component,

- streams of supply and exhaust air are completely separated from each other (leakage of less than 0.5% of volume flow).


Device type: standing

Number of sizes in the product series: BS, BD units

Insulation thickness: 50 mm, 63 mm, 70 mm


Basic options:

- by-pass

- condensation drain

- separation of air streams

Installation: indoor, outdoor

Other features:

- high efficiency heat recovery: up to 93%

- innovative modular design