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Reconstruction of Lviv`s oldest hotel

The Grand Hotel was opened in 1893 and quickly came to be viewed as one of Lviv`s landmark buildings. In the early 1990s the hotel was privatized – it has been rebuilt a few times since then. In 2014 the last reconstruction of the building was begun – it is scheduled to be finished on the 1st of September 2017. Now the hotel is called Crowne Plaza. It is being reconstructed in accordance with the stringent requirements issued by InterContinental, the hotel`s co-owner. The number of rooms was reduced by 16; from 136 to 120. The renovated dining room is going to host a large-scale aquarium with various exotic fish and sharks. VBW Engineering made a great contribution to the reconstruction of this building – air handling units SPS, BS and BD-BIS, which conform to the strictest project norms, were delivered. We look forward to the opening of this unique building.2 grand hotel lwow