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Łódź Fabryczna Railway Station

   The new underground Łódź Fabryczna railway station is an impressive key element of Łódź transport infrastructure. From the street level there is an entrance to a shopping and service centre, distinguished by the restored walls of the previous, historic railway station. The first level, 8 metres below the ground, is where the passengers can change from the bus or leave their bikes. This floor also houses a waiting room, ticket offices, retail and service facilities, as well as technical rooms. The second level of the railway station is located 16.5 metres below the ground. It houses four passenger platforms enabling the station to service as many as 200 thousand people every day.

   In order to ensure suitable air parameters, taking into account such an impressive number of passengers and customers of the shopping and service facilities located within Łódź Fabryczna, VBW Engineering air-handling units are scheduled to be installed. Participation in this demanding project has been both a challenge and an opportunity to showcase the quality of our equipment to the investor, installation designers, and, most importantly, the future users of the railway station.

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