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New air-handling units in the BO-VESTA series of types

   In its wide range of manufactured devices, VBW Engineering has not only air-handling units intended to work in large-sized industrial rooms, but also units ensuring an optimal microclimate in buildings with a smaller total internal volume. The series of types of BO-VESTA air-handling units has recently been expanded to include a few new solutions. BO-VESTA-R is equipped with a heat recovery system using a rotary heat exchanger capable of recovering up to 85% of heat. BO-VESTA-H is an air-handling unit equipped with a hexagonal heat exchanger which is able to reach a heat recovery level of up to 90%. BO-DOMO – the smallest units in this series of types – can be equipped with a counter-flow heat exchanger or a cross-flow heat exchanger with up to 90% efficiency, depending on the needs.

   All devices have been equipped with energy-saving fan assemblies. The automation system of our units can work together with the BMS master automation system and it perfectly fits into the control system of a “smart building.” Feel free to take a look at our folder, where the series of types of the above devices was summarised, and read the detailed characteristics.vesta2

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