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New markets for VBW Engineering air conditioning units

   Today, VBW Engineering supplies its equipment not only to the countries of Western Europe but also to those of Africa and Far East. Our air conditioning units are well-known and appreciated in France, Norway, the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany. This positive market reaction as well as recommendations given by the users allowed us to enter markets in far Mongolia, Azerbaijan, United Arab Emirates and Algeria. New customers approved both the existing projects as well as new technological solutions of the company, e.g. the recently presented Heat Pipe Precooling. New projects confirmed that our equipment is very efficient and cost-effective in various climate zones.

   VBW Engineering air conditioning units are associated with the largest national and international investments. They are responsible for a comfortable atmosphere in numerous facilities, i.e. in large-size sports arenas, modern surgery rooms, laboratories, and even in combination with the state-of-the-art technological achievements in spaceports. Automation systems allow the continuous development of the smart facility control system, which makes it possible to remotely control the basic and the advanced functions of a facility (directly affecting the efficiency of use and the convenience of users) from any place in the world with the access to the Internet.

   It is a wonderful challenge for VBW Engineering’s engineers to design a product tailored to the needs of so diverse customers, who very often have extremely different requirements for air conditioning systems in their facilities. We hope that VBW Engineering will still be dynamically expanding and new countries will soon be able to take advantage of our air conditioning units.

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