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Technical Symposium in Lopota (Georgia)

On 17 and 18 December 2015, in the Lopota resort, representatives of VBW Engineering held a science and technical symposium for Georgian experts specialising in air-conditioning. The subject of the lectures regarded state-of-the-art technological solutions used by VBW Engineering in the production of air-conditioning stations. We raised huge interest with our unique technological solutions which ensure perfect conditions at facilities, which – due to special requirements –, could not be equipped with air-conditioning stations commonly accessible on the market.

The guests were also presented with an overview of recently commissioned facilities with air-conditioning stations produced by VBW Engineering. Our guests were amazed by the magnitude of the investments, in which we care for a comfortable climate and the applied innovative technological solutions, and which are perfect in the climate zones of Africa, Asia and the far north of Europe. We want to thank all our guests for the interest. We have already commenced preparations for the next meeting!

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