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VBW Engineering Equipment in New Facilities in Mongolia


   Mongolia is yet another country, in which our air-handling units gained recognition. The customers in this country appreciate both the cost effectiveness of their use and suitability for very specific climate conditions. We have already informed you about Soyol SPA Hotel, very challenging as far as the air-conditioning system requirements are concerned, in which our OKEANOS swimming pool air-handling units and BS air-handling units with heat recovery were installed.
   The Sheraton Hotel in Ulaanbaatar is another facility to be mentioned due to high functionality and highly specialised building management systems. Also here our solutions ensure user comfort in restaurants, rooms and recreational areas.
   In recent weeks, we have conducted further training for our technical consultants operating in Mongolia. Thus, we can share experiences and respond to market needs and trends prevailing among air-conditioning and ventilation equipment users. We will keep you informed about our further activities in this area.
Hotel Sheraton