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Heat Pipe Pre-cooling – Heat Pipe Dehumidification Technology

   We are pleased to present the latest technology introduced to VBW Engineering air handling units – the pre-cooling system. It is applied in air cooling systems with the air dehumidification function and provides great indoor comfort while offering significant savings. This new technology opens up more opportunities for using heat exchangers in our product range.

   Special design of the heat pipe makes it possible to use pre-cooling (free cooling and heating) in supply air handling units and not only in the supply and exhaust air handling units as it has been so far.

The pre-cooling technology advantages include the following:

- reduced cooling power and thus direct impact on the equipment running costs;

- increased dehumidification capacity for top quality air handling in a very short period of time;

- free heating downstream the cooler (summer) to the required supply temperature for additional reduction in running costs.

   In the heat pipe dehumidification system, the air reaching the heat pipe evaporator is pre-cooled (evaporation of the working fluid). The result is increased efficiency of airstream dehumidification and a greater reduction in air temperature without the need to increase the cooler power. The received heat, via the working fluid, travels to the heat pipe condenser where the heat is transferred to the airstream and heats it.precooling1

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