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Counterflow Heat Exchanger in SPS Air Handling Units

VBW air handling units with counterflow heat exchanger have been designed to recover heat in air-to-air ventilation systems introducing comfort to homes, offices, shops, banquet halls, restaurants etc. It is a unique product standing out from among a number of modern devices featuring heat recovery.

Up to 90–98% of the heat from the rooms using the system can be recovered by the counterflow heat exchanger. This novelty, together with automation systems, can substantially limit building maintenance costs and guarantees optimal air parameters even when the expectations are highest. Two tangible results of implementing this modern ventilation system are the well-being of the people using it and reduced power consumption which has a direct positive impact on the care for the natural environment.

The climate in Europe, despite its moderate nature, features also considerable outdoor temperature drops. In such periods, energy losses resulting from ventilation cannot be underestimated. In traditional ventilation systems, heat is lost forever. VBW Engineering air handling units with heat recovery systems manage to retain a substantial part of the heat, and thanks to the maximum exchange of energy from the warm, outbound air, almost whole heat energy is transferred to the inbound air.

It would be perfect if 100% thermal efficiency was possible and the air temperature at the end of the system was the same as the temperature of the counterflow at the beginning of the heat system. In practice, however, such efficiency cannot be achieved. Our heat recovery systems are capable of recovering as much as 90–98% of heat which is highly satisfactory from the point of view of building maintenance costs. Our heat exchangers can transmit up to 3.5 times more heat from the outbound air which is a substantial argument for VBW Engineering air handling units.

There are numerous advantages of using SPS air handling units with counterflow heat exchanger:

  • - fresh air with constant parameters regardless of the season;
  • - significantly reduced building maintenance costs;
  • - low cost of buying the device;
  • - efficient removal of odours;
  • - simple installation;
  • - no frequent maintenance necessary;
  • - prevents moulds and fungi proliferation;
  • - wide operating temperature range;
  • - materials used are easily and completely recyclable.

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