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BO-VESTA air-handlng units

BO-VESTA is a heat recovery unit with a high-efficiency countercurrent heat exchanger (BO-VESTA-1) and cross-flow heat exchanger (BO-VESTA-2,3,4). Performance range in unit's series of types is: 400 to 3800 m3/h. The unit was designed in a self-supporting housing without aluminium frames to eliminate thermal bridges. The appliance has small dimensions and its structural design makes it easy to install and operate.The plug&play functionality offers considerable savings on labour and time when installing the appliance. With channels connected from the top side of the unit, the entire system takes much less room than alternative solutions. BO-VESTA has G4 filters fitted at the air supply and exhaust, and a hydronic or electrical air heater. Fans with a gearless drive system ensure quiet and efficient operation. Alternatively, the unit can have fans with electronically commutated (EC) motors. Inner structure.
BO-VESTA air-handling unit